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We host events for college students throughout the year because we want you to know Jesus deeply, and grow in your faith. These events aren’t the foundation of what we do as a ministry; at the heart of our ministry is life-on-life discipleship. The events we put on are meant to be “catalyzers” that propel your spiritual growth. Our hope is that these events would provide environments where you can join with other students who are spiritually hungry and receive thorough Biblical teaching that will assist you in building a strong spiritual foundation for the rest of your life.

Friday–Sunday, February 22–24 • Fort Collins, CO • $50

Want to take a weekend to get away with friends and invest in your relationship with God? Join us on our Winter Retreat.

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MAY 29–JULY 31 • GALVESTON, TX • $1700

The Leadership Project is an opportunity for college students to invest their summer with the hope that they would grow in their relationship with Jesus and lay the foundations to become a leader for Christ when they return to their campus and continue to be so after college for the rest of their lives. Students work jobs in the community to earn money for the summer and reach out to those with whom they work. Evenings and weekends are devoted to growth opportunities such as discipleship groups, Bible study, evangelism, and worship. This challenging schedule creates an ideal environment for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and develop ministry skills and leadership qualities.

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